Zimbabwean Tawanda Sibotshiwe better known as Jusa Dementor is the Producer, founder and prime artist of A.B.R.A Tribe. He is a multi talented individual behind the mixing desk, behind the microphone in the studio and on stage as well as behind the camera. He has won and been nominated for many international and regional Awards for his music, his music production and Video directing.

As a performing artist, Jusa has made a lot of music and is versatile to the tune of fusing many genres and singing styles. He has collaborated with artists from all over the world including Jamaicans including Red Rat, Hawkeye, Voicemail, Richie Loops to name a few. He is known for being a patriotic artist, who believes in the development of African entertainment as a whole. His messages of hope and upliftment are in relation to his close links with his mother continent. Jusa is well known in his homeland Zimbabwe  as one of the pioneering producers of the now infamous genre “ Zimdancehall” and is well respected for talent and thirst for progress and development.
As a producer, Jusa has gained a lot of credits throughout the past years. His most recent Riddim was for Patron House productions titled “Evidence Riddim” which featured International reggae dancehall icons I octane, D Angel, Demarco, Jah vinchi to name a few. He has recently signed a production deal with Patron house and is already producing hits for some big projects. He has produced a lot of tracks for many artists from countries all over the world.  One of many highlights in Jusas career was a compilation in conjunction with Islandlife records, which including Grammy award winner Beenie Man , Lady saw just to mention a few others and they continue to break barriers. He later produced for the “World boss”, Vybz kartel.  He continues to produce and work with artists in the U.S.A and in his motherland, Zimbabwe. Jusa recently released a single Follow Me Ikoko, with international DJ Walshy fire from outfit Major Lazer, which has got Jusa heavy rotation in Africa, Zimbabwe and doing the rounds in Afrocentric clubs in the UK Canada and USA.

Jusa is also working on a TV program that is going to be airing on South African  and

ZImbabwean TV stations in June 2015.

Jusa’s was named as Econets Mobile Uk brand Ambassador and featured in the advertising campaign for Econet Mobile products and services and appeared at the company’s promotional events.

Marco Signorini, CEO Econet Mobile, commented: Were hugely impressed by Jusas commitment to both his music and his fans, in Zimbabwe as well as here in the UK. He represents values that are core to Econet Mobiles own plans for the African diaspora in the UK, and were delighted to have him on board. This  also resulted in a partnership with other brands and organizations that also have taken a liking to Jusa.

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It is beyond reasonable doubt that A.B.R.A  CEO ,A&R, Public Relations Manager and Zifm Radio Personality, the first privately owned radio Station in Zimbabwe , Simzz, has become a force to reckon with within the African and Zimbabwean media circles. Deemed as the Dj Khalid of Zimbabwe, Simzz has been a driving force behind A.B.R.A Tribe and has proved his worth. Armed with a larger than life attitude and a bubbly personality the multi-talented Simzz seems more than ready to take on the world.  He was born as SimukaiMandizvidza on October 14 1985 in Harare Zimbabwe, he then relocated to the United States in 1999. While he was there, alongside his cousin, ( Tawanda Sibotshiwe) a.k.a JusaDementor , they built what is today known as the The most influential label in Zimbabwe. They began one of the most influential driving forces in Zimbabwean music. Embarking on many projects ,Simz being the driving force & brains behind ground breaking projects like Rise up Zimbabwe, in which Red Rat a Jamaican superstar sang and uplifted the people of Zimbabwe and encouraged them to Rise up as a nation in the year of their thirtieth anniversary of Independence.. The Abra production created a buzz within the Zimbabwe community across the UK and US and has become an instant classic and will probably go down in history following in the footsteps of Bob Marley when he sang about Zimbabwe during its Independence in 1980. In Recent years he formed Revolutionary Independent Zimbabwean Entrepreneurs (RIZE), a movement to promote self-belief, unity and creative entrepreneurship among Zimbabweans. RIZE has grown in popularity among youth in Zimbabwe, its stand that Zimbabweans have taken with unity and patriotism on the forefront. In 2012 alongside Jusa, they were named in the top 30 most influential young Zimbabweans under the age of 30.The simple message that The tribe continue to preach is we can achieve more together than we can separately. This simple message has united the Zimbabwean music industry and continues to grow each day. The Award winning African music producer also recently produced alongside Jusa Dementor a compilation in conjunction with Islandlife records, which including Grammy award winner Beenie Man , Lady saw just to mention a few others and they continue to break barriers. Having produced for over 300 artists worldwide in the last 5 years the duo have nothing stopping them from achieving their hearts desire.