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Mr. Steven Walker offers a background knowledge of Public Relations and is very capable of bringing forth good reputation to Patron House Productions. He too as well, is a lover of music where he used to play instruments within the church and is also the younger cousin of Patrick “Roach” Samuels.

Being born in Jamaica and growing up in the United States, music was always a part of his life. From learning to play instruments and always being around musicians. In high school, students were required to submit a senior project for a final grade to graduate. With open options to choose anything, Mr. Walker decided to produce a music cd with one of his fellow classmates.

Upon graduation of high school, Mr. Walker attended Cheyney University of Pennsylvania in which he achieved his Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts. During his college years, he has taken professional courses such as integrated marketing communications, public relations, broadcast news, advanced radio production etc.

Within his four years at this university, Mr. Walker was a radio anchor and engineer for one of the school based radio shows. He develop program logs for musical selections, narrate and produce radio programs, manage the order of topics and review and prepare public service announcements. All of these duties, as well as other tangibles, landed him for attaining Cheyney University’s “Ed Bradley Best Anchor Award”.

Mr. Steven Walker is honored to receive an award on behalf of the 19 time Emmy Award winner Ed Bradley. Mr. Steven Walker plans on contributing to the growth and promotion of Patron House Production by using his acquired skill set and at the same time giving positive exposure.